Qualified and reliable partner

What we do

We specialise in manufacturing ready-mixed concrete and providing related services.
Our special field of expertise is movable project stations, which over the years have operated in many major projects, such as northern hydroelectric programmes. At present, KiBe Oy is operating a project station at the Suurkuusikko Gold Mine.

Our subsidiary Napapiirin Betoni Oy makes concrete elements, walling blocks, environmental products, concrete products for public utilities and ready-mixed concrete at its plant in Rovaniemi. Our other subsidiary JA-KO Betoni Oy serves the areas of Kokkola and Pietarsaari, producing not only ready-mixed concrete but also well rings, concrete weights, concrete foundations and other environmental products.

Ruskon Betoni Oy and its affiliate KiBe Oy are both ISO 9001-, ISO 14001- and OHSAS 18001-accredited. All our plants are subject to inspection by Inspecta Certification Ltd.

In summer 2012, Ruskon Betoni opened the most modern concrete factory in Europe in Hollola, Finland. The factory manufactures EK concrete pipes and well lining rings.

The EU has granted funding for the equipment purchases of the factory.